Make Your Skin Tighter – 5 Anti-Aging Tips To Increase Skin Firmness

Aging is a natural process. It is your bundle of joyful experiences and achievements. But aging also results in natural changes to your skin that need regular care.

Fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin are age-related features that can become more prominent if an anti-aging skin care regimen is not properly followed. 

When you are looking for skin firming products, ensure that you choose natural and 100% organic formulas. A number of studies have shown the harmful and fast aging effects from artificial or chemical-infused anti-aging skin products.

At JK7®, we trust the power of nature to offer the most potent solutions, so that you can take control of your skin without any compromises. 

JK7 Beautifying Rejuvenating Cream

1. Use Moisturizers Regularly 

For many of us, regular use of moisturizers is part of our daily care. Moisturizers become even more important as hydrating the skin can help lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles as we grow and become more mature. Face moisturizers can help protect the skin from external effects such as UV sunlight, intense heat and cold, and can make your skin appear smoother and plumper.  

The JK7® Beautifying & Rejuvenating Cream helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It deeply moisturizes the skin through a combination of organic herbs including Ginkgo Biloba, Chamomile, and Marshmallow. Tea Rose and Bulgarian Rose oils create a sense of harmony and balance. Pomegranate and Mangosteen Extract, Green Tea, and Vitamin C are used to help protect the skin from free radicals and thus slow the skin’s aging process.

The JK7® Beautifying & Rejuvenating Cream is the perfect companion for everyday use and especially recommended at nighttime, for deep regeneration.  


JK7 Eye Cream

2. Eye Creams Are Essential 

There is a reason why the skin around the eyes tends to look older first – because the delicate area is sensitive to age-related changes, so it matures faster than other parts of your face. Use a separate eye cream to keep the under-eye area moisturized and prevent the formation of those puffy eyes and dark circles that can make you appear older.  

The JK7® Eye Cream is an essential product in your anti-aging care. The effective mixture of Arnica, Eyebright, German Chamomile, and Rose, which tightens and nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes, and combats puffiness and dryness.  

JK7 24HR Day & Night Cream

3. Consider Firming Creams 

With age, skin tends to lose its firmness due to the loss of collagen, which keeps our skin fresh and youthful. Elastin is another protein that the body loses naturally and contributes to the appearance of aging skin.  

Regular use of chemical-free firming creams that stimulate collagen and elastin production is ideal to provide a bright and renewed appearance. The JK7® 24H Cream supports your skin’s moisture retention, refines tonicity, and promotes healthy cell growth from below the skin’s barrier. It acts as a strong barrier to protect against urban pollution and oxidative stress on your skin. The JK7® 24H Cream Day & Night Face Care is also great at soothing your skin after sunbathing or sunburn.

Secret Age Defying Serum

4. Apply Recover Gels

Exposure to sun damages our skin and accelerates our skin’s aging process. Regular face and skin care helps nourish and rejuvenate the body and mind, depending on the products you choose and the time you commit to self-care, which are important holistic factors for health and well-being.  

A very light and effective way to curb premature aging that will also guarantee to keep your skin feeling fresh and firm is the JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel. The Gel contains a powerful complex of Vitamin C and E, as well as an abundance of herbal extracts. We use our own patented extract from the rind of the Mangosteen, also called “God’s Fruit” in Asia, which provides a powerful anti-aging effect. Use after cleansing, and apply onto your face, neck, and décolleté using light circular strokes.  

For deeper overnight rejuvenation, apply a layer of the JK7® Secret Age-Defying Gel, followed by a layer of the JK7® 24H Cream and an additional layer of the JK7® Secret Age Defying-Gel for maximum result. 


JK7 Detox Face Mask

5. Use Face Masks That Prevent Premature Skin Aging

An important process of anti-aging skin care is to clean the impurities and pollutants hidden above and below the skin’s surface. Our face needs regular deep cleansing to remove dead cells and detoxify the skin. Face masks can help reduce wrinkle depth and protein degradation.  

The JK7® Detox Face Mask prevents premature skin aging through anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients. Plant based Proteins, Oats and Silver Ear Mushroom Extracts increase firmness, and elasticity, improving your skin’s moisture barrier, while Chamomile and Calendula calm and nourish. Your skin is now deeply cleansed and prepared for the next step in your JK7® skin care ritual. 

Fret not, your effort to take care of your skin will shine through, and you will look more youthful and energized with the right skin care steps and products! 

~Your JK7® Team ~

Each and every product from JK7® features only natural, organic ingredients. Experience a sustainable wellness for the whole body, without having to worry about harsh, potentially deadly chemicals that upset the delicate balance of the skin. Sick, dehydrated, and irritated skin is a thing of the past with clean skin care. See the difference today by trying JK7®’s formulas, exclusively hand-crafted in Hawaii.