Glow and Grow With Us

Spend the Holidays Glowing Inside and Out with JK7®

This December, JK7® invites you to participate in the ultimate challenge: our Glow and Grow Campaign. A chance to spend time throughout this holiday season challenging yourself to become your most radiant self, inside and out. We encourage you to put into practice these skin care and personal growth tips so that by the New Year you are feeling confident and secure as the best version of yourself.

JK7 Detox Face Mask

Glow & Grow Tip 1

Glow: Use a Detoxifying Face Mask 1-2 Times a Week

Especially in the winter, dry and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin's surface. This leaves behind a rough texture that dulls the overall complexion. Boost your skin’s natural radiance by clearing away the build-up of old skin cells by using a weekly or bi-weekly facial mask.

Using a clay mask gently exfoliates the skin and replenishes the natural barrier. The deep cleansing of the Detox Face Mask comes from the healing properties of Hawaiian clay and Zeolite Earth. Dead skin cells, toxins, and impurities are effectively cleared away to give skin a glowing boost.

Grow: While Using the Face Mask, Spend Some Time in Reflection

A particularly difficult aspect of self-growth is self-reflection. It is always challenging to deeply reflect on our own strengths, weaknesses, and mistakes. This is not to dwell on our past, but rather to learn from it and grow. Journaling our reflections each week allows us to move past mistakes, focus on our strengths, and grow from our weaknesses. Try to challenge yourself to periods of self-reflection at least bi-weekly.

JK7 Beautifying Rejuvenating Cream

Glow & Grow Tip 2

Glow: Use Vitamin C in Your Skin Care Routine Daily

Vitamin C is a skin care essential due to its ability to brighten the skin, boost collagen production, and prevent aging. It gives your skin the hydrating boost it craves particularly during the winter months. For youthful, glowing skin, use a formula including Vitamin C at least once a day to reverse UV skin damage and reduce dark spots.

The Beautifying and Rejuvenating Cream boasts potent concentrations of pure Vitamin C and other antioxidants for significant effects. This burst of natural vitamins protects the skin, reverses signs of aging, and leaves behind silky-smooth skin completely rejuvenated.

Grow: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Taking a step outside our comfort zone is often intimidating and uncomfortable. These feelings are a necessary part of growth, while we seek out new opportunities. Some ideas for stepping outside your comfort zone are to try a different hobby, learn a language, try a different fitness class, or even apply for a new job opportunity. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable position leads to rapid personal growth and self-confidence.

Glow & Grow Tip 3

Glow: Treat Your Skin With Only Natural, Organic Skin Care

To achieve radiant, luminous skin, one of the most important aspects is using skin care with only fresh, alive ingredients. Chemical-filled skin care is full of toxic ingredients that build up on and underneath the skin, dulling the complexion. Not only is this harmful to the rest of the body, but it also disrupts the natural balance of the skin barrier. Treat your skin with only organic, natural skin care to ensure that it stays healthy and properly protected.

Grow: Create Healthy Habits in Your Routine

Start 2024 off strong by implementing healthy habits before the new year begins. Creating daily manageable healthy habits can begin with small steps. Incorporate more vegetables and another portion of fruit with every meal to have healthier eating habits. Begin each day with a few minutes of mindful meditation and journaling. Make a target of going for at least one thirty-minute walk a day. Making these habits a part of a routine is key to keeping them long-term.

JK7 Foaming Face Wash

Glow & Grow Tip 4

Glow: Implement a Double Cleanse at the Beginning of Your Routine

The essential first step of a skin care routine is the double cleanse. Double cleansing means using first an oil-based cleanser to break down dirt and impurities and then a foaming cleanser to wash away and hydrate.

Using two gentle formulas to cleanse will help give the skin a glowing complexion while keeping it moisturized and refreshed. We recommend using the Eye & Face Make-Up Remover in combination with the Foaming Face Wash for a perfect double-cleansing pairing.

Grow: Set Achievable Goals for Yourself

Consistent self-growth comes from measurable, achievable goals. Before you start 2024, take time to write down goals, both small and large, that you are determined to accomplish in the new year.

Make sure that these goals have some sort of measurability to them so that you can see real growth. Instead of saying, “I will work out more”, you can state a goal that you will do yoga three times a week and run two times a week. This allows you to keep track of the times per week you have completed your goals.

~Your JK7® Team ~

Each and every product from JK7® features only natural, organic ingredients. Experience a sustainable wellness for the whole body, without having to worry about harsh, potentially deadly chemicals that upset the delicate balance of the skin. Sick, dehydrated, and irritated skin is a thing of the past with clean skin care. See the difference today by trying JK7®’s formulas, exclusively hand-crafted in Hawaii.